local sports business professionals to host first #sbweek event in miami

local sports business professionals to host first #sbweek event in miami

Release Date: March 10th, 2014

March 6, 2014, MIAMI – This week local South Florida Sports Business professionals, Darren Heitner – Sports Attorney and FORBES Sports Business Contributor – and Natalie Mikolich – Sports Publicist at NPM | PR – are thrilled to announce that they will be hosting the first #SBWeek (Sports Business Week) event in Miami for #SBWeek 2014.

Being held at the Fado Irish Pub in Mary Brickell Village on March 27th from 6-9 p.m., the event is part of a full week of sports business networking events taking place around the world the week of March 24th. Open to everyone in the South Florida community from those just starting out in sports business, to industry veterans, the online registration fee is $5 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting UNICEF’s Sport for Development program.

“The goal of #SBWeek is to help members of the sports industry connect with their peers and expand their professional networks,” commented Russell Scibetti, Founding Editor of TheBusinessOfSports.com and Founder of #SBWeek.  “This originally started as small, one-off events in New York and Philadelphia, and has grown into more cities every year culminating with #SBWeek 2014 where we will have events in more than 25 cities around the world including Miami.”

“We felt that #SBWeek provides us an opportunity to give back to the community,” added Joshua Duboff, Founder of TheSportsBusinessExchange.com and Co-Host of #SBWeek.  “This year, we are charging $5 for tickets to the events in each city with the entire amount being donated to UNICEF. We selected UNICEF because of their Sport for Development program and how their global reach aligns with our goals to keep expanding our events on a global level.”

Building on the success of #SBNight 2013 where sports business networking events were held in 18 cities on one night, this year over 25 events are being held worldwide throughout the week of March 24th.

“It’s thrilling to have this type of event hosted in Miami for the first time where it’s not typically known to be a hot bed for sports business related events and businesses,” said Darren Heitner, Sports Lawyer, Contributor for FORBES Sports Business and Host of #SBWeek Miami.  “It’s an honor to be able to host this event with Natalie Mikolich and be involved in supporting those who want to be working in the sports industry, or already are, and have them interact together and grow the relevance of the sports industry in South Florida.”

“With so many great professional and collegiate sports teams located in South Florida and exciting world class sporting events taking place in the Miami area, it is great to see our community being recognized as a growing sports business region,” commented Natalie Mikolich of NPM | PR and Co-Host of #SBWeek Miami.  “It’s exciting and an honor to be able to host the first #SBWeek 2014 Miami event with someone like Darren and be involved in bringing together aspiring sports business professionals and current industry leaders in such a hot sports town like Miami.”

In collaboration with #SBWeek, the sports business networking event in Miami will also be a celebration for the release of Darren Heitner’s new book How to Play the Game – What Every Sports Attorney needs to know.  Set to be released March 24th, Heitner’s book is quoted by top sports industry executives as a new go-to source for anyone interested in getting into the field of sports law. Discussing the laws that govern the sports industry today, How to Play the Game also includes real-life case studies involving recognized professional and college sports figures along with a foreword by super-agent (and inspiration behind the movie Jerry McGuire) Leigh Steinberg.

“I’m very excited about the release of my new book coming out that is being published in close proximity of the event” added Darren Heitner, Author of How to Play the Game.  “I hope people come out and enjoy the #SBWeek Miami networking event and also pick-up a copy of my book that I will be signing copies of. #SBWeek Miami should be an informative networking event for meeting others in the community and also a celebration of my new book being published this year.”

For more information on #SBWeek2014 Miami, or to register online, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sbweek-miami-sports-business-networking-tickets-10713423137.  For media and other general inquiries, contact Natalie Mikolich at natalie@npmpr.com.