compressport usa launches kona 2015 limited edition collection set to debut at the ironman world championships

compressport usa launches kona 2015 limited edition collection set to debut at the ironman world championships

Release Date: August 12th, 2015

August 12, 2015, DORAL, FLORIDA – Today, COMPRESSPORT USA ( is thrilled to announce the launch of their Kona 2015 Limited Edition Collection that will debut at the upcoming Ironman World Championships taking place in Kona, Hawaii on October 10th.  Developing a specific product range of compressions items to support the world class athletes competing in the grueling Championships comprised of a 2.4 mile ocean swim followed by a 112 mile bike ride and a marathon race (26.2 miles), now available for pre-order with COMPRESSPORT USA are items from the Kona 2015 Limited Edition collection boasting their special technical features and fibers, extraordinary design and the outstanding quality.

With COMPRESSPORT USA having the top worn calf sleeve at the 2014 World Championships, the Kona 2015 Limited Edition expanded on the success of this item by introducing new items that incorporate the same technology and microfibers used in the calf sleeve. Products available this year include compression shorts, tops, calf sleeves, socks, swimming caps, underwear slips and accessories for both men and women combining the highest technologies with the latest compression trends in a fashion forward Hawaiian theme design for Kona 2015.

“We always set out to do something big for the World Championships in Kona and we are proud to say that our calf sleeves were overall, the most used by competitors in last year’s World Championships.” said Pedro Madeira, COMPRESSPORT USA President.  “Setting out to make a lighter, more comfortable, and resilient product in 2014 that performed much better for the weather endured at Kona, this year we expanded on that technology and incorporated these microfibers throughout the entire collection including the shorts, shirt, socks and even swimming slip.”

Setting the standards in the sports compression market, COMPRESSPORT has become the technical market leader in the field of compression products within only a few years.  Always aiming to innovate and surprise their athletes by responding to the problems they face daily, COMPRESSPORT now has over 900 professional, Olympic and World Champion athletes wearing their products that improve performance, enhance recovery and help them compete in the best possible conditions.

Top triathlete contenders at this year’s Ironman World Championships who will be seen wearing the Kona 2015 Limited Edition Collection by COMPRESSPORT USA include 2013 Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde, alongside Matt Hanson, Pedro Gomes and Melissa Hauschildt. 

"I have been using COMPRESSPORT compression clothing since 2009, after a stress fracture on my right calf. I wear the calf sleeves during training and competitions and during those times I can feel that my compression gear helps absorb the shock and keeps my blood circulating,” said 2013 Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde returning to Kona this year.

Founded in 2008, COMPRESSPORT is distributed worldwide and works closely with a team of athletes and physicians in order to meet the athletes’ requirements and needs when it comes to compression, endurance and recovery for those that are triathletes, trail runners, cyclists, swimmers, soccer players and athletes of all other sports. COMPRESSPORT products are manufactured exclusively in Europe by specialists using European yarn on their equipment. The innovative fibers used by COMPRESSPORT are certified by OEKO-TEX – a globally recognized inspection organization – that certifies that the fibers used do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin or body. Like all COMPRESSPORT products, the Kona 2015 Limited Edition Collection is covered under a two year exchange guarantee.

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