CrossFit Open WOD Tips Announced by Trifecta Featuring Star Athlete Brooke Ence

CrossFit Open WOD Tips Announced by Trifecta Featuring Star Athlete Brooke Ence

Release Date: February 22nd, 2018
Client: Trifecta

FEBRUARY 22, 2018, SACRAMENTO – Today, Trifecta (, the nation’s largest all organic meal delivery service, is kicking off the 2018 CrossFit Open by offering CrossFit Open tips for each WOD (Workout the Day) released between February 22nd through March 26th.

Within one hour of the first WOD going live on February 22nd, one of Trifecta’s athletes and top CrossFit stars – Brooke Ence – will be featured in a video produced by Trifecta that offers viewers helpful tips for the specific WOD in order to assist athletes with performing their best in order to qualify for the regionals.

“Beginners to high level athletes are looking to CrossFit stars like Brooke Ence for the inside scoop on the best strategies for the Open; pacing, transitions, technique, everything that’s going through her mind while she crushes the WOD,” said Elizabeth Connolly, President at Trifecta. “As a supporter of the CrossFit Games, we are thrilled to support thousands of people participating in the Open by connecting them with world-class athletes like Brooke.”

Ahead of the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games starting August 1st where elite athletes will compete to be named the Fittest on EarthTM, hundreds of thousands of athletes will compete in five workouts over five weeks in order to have a chance to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals starting May 18th.

Since launching in August 2015, Trifecta has become one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Eliminating shopping, cooking and cleaning by delivering fully cooked meals directly to customers’ doors in all 50 states, Trifecta’s food is the highest quality in the industry and uses 100% USDA Organic, Gluten, Dairy and Soy-Free ingredients that are never frozen, and Wild Caught/Grass Fed. All of their food arrives in a refrigerated case, vacuum sealed and ready to eat. Trifecta offers meals in four categories to meet everyone’s needs including Paleo, Vegan, Clean Eating and Classic Meals. Additionally, Trifecta has an A La Carte section that operates more like an online grocery store deli with fully prepared meats and vegetables you can order by weight.

Furthermore, putting them on the forefront of nutrition technology, in September of 2017 Trifecta launched their new app “Trifecta – Fitness, Nutrition and Tracking” in order to introduce for the first time an all-in-one solution for how people track their food and performance right from their smartphones. Giving users the ability to track their fitness, nutrition, calories, macro and micro nutrients utilizing Trifecta’s food database consisting of over 5,000,000+ food items including all of Trifecta’s 180+ food items and meal plans, giving them the widest on-demand selection in the country. Users can also train with celebrity athletes like Brooke Ence and Urijah Faber.

For more information on Trifecta, visit or follow them at, @trifectasystem on Instagram and Twitter or subscribe to them on YouTube at Trifecta.