Respect Your Universe (RYU)

Respect Your Universe (RYU)

Release Date: December 21st, 2012
Client: Apparel - RYU (Respect Your Universe)

With the rapidly growing worldwide popularity of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, Respect Your Universe (RYU) launched a new premium performance apparel company in the Summer of 2011 founded on the principles of respect, strength, honor and sustainability, and influenced by the dedication of the athlete to the ancient sport of Martial Arts.  Introducing a line of innovative apparel and product for both performance and lifestyle created to inspire all athletes to achieve greatness, RYU chose npm | pr for the launch of their debut Men’s Spring 2012 Line to assist with all of their public relations needs.

Since their first press release announcement was distributed in September 2011, RYU has received tremendous amounts of media coverage with a wide variety of outlets ranging from MMA and sports media to business, industry trade and fashion media.  To-date, RYU has been featured on both the cover of The Oregonian Business Section and Sporting Goods Intelligence (SGI) Weekly twice along with the cover of the Portland Business Journal and has been profiled with the prestigious Sports Business Journal.

RYU has received multiple product and athlete features with the leading fitness, lifestyle, sports and MMA media such as Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, FIGHT! Magazine, Ultimate MMA, Black Belt, Inside MMA HD Net, Good Morning America and a variety of MMA fan websites. In addition to this, RYU was also highlighted with as “One of five brands making a difference” for producing products that are environmentally, and ethically, sound, with all of their items comprised of up to 90% organic and recycled materials.

Following the successful introduction of their debut Men’s Spring 2012 Line, npm | pr  continued to work with RYU for the release of their Fall Men’s Line and unveiling of their new Women’s Fall Line in 2012.