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Bob & Mike Bryan

#1 ATP World Tour Doubles Team & Greatest Doubles Team of All-Time

"Thanks for everything you have done for us, you truly have 'made it happen!' 60 minutes, The New Yorker, and The New York Times Magazine are still the best press pieces we've ever been a part of!"

Andrew Walker

Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, Senior VP, Global Marketing & Communications

"Natalie is one of the finest player publicists in women's professional tennis. Week-in and week-out she delivers top-notch placements for her clients. This is a credit to her media contacts and her passion and drive to succeed on her clients' behalves."

Eddie Yoon

USA Boxing, Director of High Performance & Events

Congratulations on the success that Marlen had at the Olympic Games,as you played a big part on her team and it was incredible to see her in various commercials and ads throughout the country.

Matt Tuthill

Deputy Editor, Muscle & Fitness Magazine

“You talked about winning hearts and minds for the brand (RYU), and you've certainly done that here. We're always excited when we can work RYU into a story and it's a natural fit for any of these round-ups.”


Sean Hyson

C.S.C.S., Training Director for Men's Fitness/Muscle & Fitness Magazines

"Following npm | pr is like getting a window to the future who's who in sports. They've introduced me to tomorrow's stars today, making them a real asset to any journalist who covers fitness, athletics, or both."

Jon Levey

Editor, TENNIS Magazine

"Natalie's efforts with Prince proved invaluable in getting their product placed and reviewed in our magazine and website. She's responsive to requests and creative, but what makes Natalie special is her passion for the sport. Most of all, her attentiveness and enthusiasm make her an absolute pleasure to work with."

David Leonardo

BU Wrestling Alumni - Save BU Wrestling Director

"npm | pr has been a huge asset to our Alumni Group  in the fight to save our Wrestling program at Boston University.  They were instrumental in getting our message in the national spotlight by getting us exposure with media outlets like USA Today and the top Wrestling media outlets across the country.  They have been a pleasure to work as we continue to try and convince Boston University to reverse its decision."

Marcello Leone

CEO, President & Chairman, Respect Your Universe (RYU)

"Athletic apparel is probably the most competitive category out there, yet npm | pr has an uncanny ability to connect our brand to the right publications. Through their connections and relationships developed over the years, RYU was consistently featured in publications that enhanced our profile. We would not be where we are today without their assistance."

Zach Perles

Prince, Sr. Communications Manager

“npm | pr helped to provide incredible added value to our ongoing PR efforts.  They continuously consideri how to deliver exposure for our brand through media opportunities - acting as a partner and understanding the value of promoting the Prince products that the current top professional and rising tennis stars play with on-court.” 

Marissa Stephenson

Shape, Associate Fitness and Health Editor

"npm | pr is one of the most reliable PR sources I've worked with. They're intuitive, personable, and best, they respond immediately to a request with a solution or a way to find one. They've been invaluable to me in getting key interviews with professional athletes and leads for future stories"

Ken Meyerson

Lagardere Unlimited Tennis, President, In Loving Memory

"Natalie, is the best I have ever worked with in over 20 years. She is dynamic and resourceful, and simply gets things done. I am very impressed with her determination."

Keren Gilbert

President/Founder, Decision Nutrition

"You have been such an integral part of my vision for Decision Nutrition. I appreciate everything you have done to help get me exposure with some of today's top media outlets and I have had enjoyed making appearances on the different television networks to discuss a variety of nutrition topics."

Peter Resnik

COO, BellaNovus Development Company, Ouchless Needle

“npm | pr lead us in both crafting our public relations strategy and then executing it by securing articles and coverage in our targeted media outlets with television networks and high-end lifestyle publications.  As a result, Ouchless Needle was able to substantiate credibility and expand brand recognition." 

Frank Long

Editor, Allied Media

"npm | pr connected Rehab Management magazine and Physical Therapy Products magazine with an expert author who provided valuable, highly targeted content for our publication. They helped conceptualize the content, and interfaced efficiently between our staff and her authors. Natalie is responsive and resourceful, and delivered precisely what was needed because they LISTENED to our request, and created wins for us, the publisher, and our authors (their clients)."

John Gallucci, Jr.

Major League Soccer (MLS) Medical Coordinator

“npm | pr has been an asset in building the exposure of myself as a medical expert and the brand of JAG Physical Therapy throughout the media. Through her efforts we have secured placements in national outlets including Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and Costco Connection magazine, to name a few. Their hard work and dedication make her an integral part of our team.”